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Your workspace is both functional and personal. It reflects who you are and does a job. So how do you decide what you should spend money on?

When it comes to setting up your workspace with the furniture, equipment, and layout that works for you and keeps you productive and inspired, you probably go through different seasons. Sometimes, it’s all about creating a warm, comfortable vibe. Sometimes, it’s more important that you walk away from your workday without a sore back, and so the new chair you bought determines everything about your office set up. Maybe you found a piece of artwork that you want to build your whole office style around.

Carpets and furniture change with the times. Items are rearranged and spaces are repurposed. But, whatever season you’re in at the moment of your office décor, there’s one thing that never needs to change:

Your chair mat. 

Something Unchanging within Your Changing Workspace

Your chair mat protects your chair and it protects your floor. It’s a constant in any style or vibe you’re going for, as it provides a practical support and necessary function for your space. Generally speaking, there’s no real trend or style associated with a chair mat. It’s simply a necessity. Some are thicker than others. Some are made of glass. Most are clear. But for the most part, a chair mat is an essential mainstay in any office that never needs to be updated or brought into alignment with a particular style. 

So why do so many people buy cheap mats? 

Generally speaking, the only time people notice a chair mat is when it is cracked, broken, or split. Cheap chair mats are everywhere — sold at big box stores and online retailers. They go for anywhere from $15 to $50, and they are found in homes, office spaces, hotels, and workspaces around the globe. But the problem with these mats is that they don’t last — even though it’s the one thing that people need to last longer than anything else. 

Sometimes within only a few months, a cheap chair mat shows its value. And a broken mat cheapens the look of your space. A premium chair mat gets out of the way and lets your vibe speak for itself. 

Our customers spend money on a chair mat that lasts for years...and years. 

A solid case for spending money where it should be spent. We are Bison Mat, and we are on a relentless pursuit of one-time customers. 

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