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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work Better for You

The right space is essential if you’re going to get a job done. Knowing you’re set up with the right tools in the right setting can help you work in a space that works for you instead of against you.

Here are a few tips for making your home office all that it can be.

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Durability - What You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever gotten something and then wondered why you lived without it for so long?

Durability, whether in a floor mat or something else, is something you don’t really appreciate until you’ve had something that’s cheap. And by “cheap” we’re not talking about something that’s affordably-priced. We’re talking about poorly made, not-long-lasting products that have a limited life span.

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Bison Mat - Protection as Performance


Not really a word you expect to be used in describing chair mats. Maybe words like “tan” or “plastic.” Maybe even “big” or “square” and sometimes “rectangle.” But performance? Maybe, if we’re really trying to make a connection, we could say “performance” with our mats refers to the fact that they last longer than any other mat on the market. Or maybe we could say it has to do with the fact that our mats have stopped a shotgun blast and can keep floors with moisture issues from developing mold and mildew. Or maybe performance could be about how we treat our customers or how our product is high quality or about any number of other marketing messages that are true and important about a Bison Mat.

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Choosing Between Cheaper and Better

At Bison Mat, we like to say that you could always find a cheaper chair mat, but you could never find a better one. And that’s just it…that’s a philosophy in our business that we want to take into just about everything we do. At least…almost everything.

Sometimes, cheaper is just fine. You don’t really need the highest quality version of absolutely everything on the market. For instance…dog toys. Have you ever bought a dog toy from a pet store? It probably ran you about 8 bucks. And it took your dog just as long to tear into it and ingest that tiny little squeaker thing as any other toy. The dollar store is a perfectly reasonable source for dog toys. 

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Spending Money on Your Space

Building an Office that Works for You

Whether you have a home office that you’re using or you're driving into the office every day, your workspace should be set up right. It needs to be a place that allows you to be productive. It needs to be free of distractions as much as possible. It needs the right lighting, the right seating, and the right technology. Your performance at work will be reflective of the space you work within. This is why it’s good to “get ready” for work even if you’re working from home. Working in your pajamas doesn’t make for a very proactive approach to work. In the same way, sitting on a couch with Nana’s crocheted afghan over your lap and Let’s Make a Deal playing in the background doesn’t lend itself to a productive workday.

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